Amazing Gift

Every once in a while I get an Amazing Gift. Someone tells me something that makes me feel absolutely amazing. The painting on this post has been sold. I spoke to the gentleman who purchased this painting as a gift to his parents. I always put a hand written note of thanks with every painting I sell. I love to do that because it means so much to me when someone buys one of my paintings. It’s the most amazing feeling in the world to me. So when this customer received their painting- they loved it and the hand written note that I sent with it was framed and is now hanging next to their painting. The new owners of their painting said that someday the note will be worth something in addition to the painting. This story is a privilege to tell. I can’t begin to say what it means to me. I’m so grateful that someone feels that way about something I made. #ilovewhatido #artistofinstagram #mapleskydreamtreeart #mapleskydreamtree #mapleskydreamtreestudio #mikefilippello #grateful

October- so quickly it came and went!

I can’t believe that tomorrow is Halloween already. The month of October has come and gone quickly. I’m always excited about Halloween because my wife and I love giving out candy and carving pumpkins and just having fun with all that Halloween has to offer. We bought all of our candy online this year and saved some money because it seems like it gets more expensive every year for less candy in those “big” bags that you buy.  On top of tomorrow being Halloween, it’s also the end of daylight savings and we lose an hour of daylight. This is something that doesn’t make me too happy. I am one of those people that need the light. I hate the days getting shorter and the nights getting longer. But hopefully the weeks will go fast until the Winter Solstice and then the time turns around and the days slowly grow longer again. I have lots of ideas for the upcoming holiday season this year, some of which you have already seen with the little wooden ornaments in the last post. I’ll post the pictures of our Halloween pumpkins that we carved this year. They turned out pretty good.  More to come soon. Have a great night and stay safe out there!

Upcoming Holidays

The holiday season is soon to be coming upon us. As we all know the minute that Halloween is over the world seems  to look ahead to Christmas. There is a dinner in there called “Thanksgiving” where there’s a lot of food, but we all know that the world turns attention to Christmas and I love the Holiday Season. Not so much for the gifts, but for me it’s the decorations that I love the most. I can never wait to get the Christmas Tree. That decoration above all is my favorite. Creatively-I love making holiday paintings and this will be the second year that I’ll be making my little house decorations. I loved making those last year and they did well. So, I’ll be posting again with another update about the holidays and what I’m hoping will be some of the things that i’ll be doing this season. In the meantme have a good night and stay safe out there!

Micron Pens and Miniature Drawing.

I have always loved to draw with paper and pencil or even with a pen. I happened to see that it was Amazon Prime day and I mentioned to my wife that there was a set of Micron colored pens on Prime. So she bought them for me. I was excited when the package arrived and I couldn’t wait to try out the markers. I love all things miniature and I made this quick little drawing with my beautiful new markers and I can’t wait to use them again. Here’s the drawing I did. The quarter is to show scale.